Tracking cows on pastures using GPS trackers

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Felix Christl
Felix Christl

Imagine you're a farmer with a few dozen cows outside on a large pasture. How do you keep an overview of where you cows are? How do you find a cow that might have escaped without running around huge farmlands?

Together with LKV Baden-Württemberg and in cooperation with the University of Ljubljana, we looked into solutions for that.

The HipSquare Cow Tracking Project

So what did we come up with? We put in place a cow tracking tool, all complete with GPS trackers on the cows and a mobile-optimized web portal for farmers.

We conducted a field test in Slovenia, where currently multiple farms are trying out the tracking system on their cows. For this purpose, a GPS tracker is safely placed around the animal's neck. The cows usually move freely around a large grazing area, and the tracking system gives the farmers the possibility to always know where their cattle are at.

In the first instance, we work with farmers in Germany, Austria, and Slovenia to collect data and learn how to be the most accurate.

See the Cows Live and In Color

Check out our video presenting the project (and a lot of adorable cows):