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Felix Christl
Felix Christl

Are you a web software engineer who loves to work with JavaScript and TypeScript and wants to build scalable apps in a great team? Then we should talk!

What do we do?

We at HipSquare develop web applications and mobile apps. We work with a JavaScript/TypeScript technology stack and do all kinds of cool things with it:

  • Develop fast and engaging frontends with Angular and React.
  • Make scalable backends with Express and Nest.
  • Build big websites with headless content management systems such as Strapi or Contentful and site generators such as Next.js and Gatsby.
  • Create reusable mobile applications both on a web technology stack and with native technology.

What are we proud of?

We want to build the best products with our clients. That's why we take every step of the way seriously. Some things we are especially proud of:

  • We build software professionally: We work using test-driven development, with modern CI tools and in small increments.
  • We provide feedback all along the way: We work intensively in pair programming sessions and with code reviews. We want to hear everyone's honest opinion, both in internal and client discussions.
  • We keep a collaborative, friendly atmosphere. We all want to have fun and grow. We are here to help one another.
  • We also have a nice office in the heart of Munich's Maxvorstadt.

Whom do we work for?

We work for a wide array of different clients. Our smallest one is a one-person company, our biggest a multinational corporate.

When working with us, you will get to use your skills in very different environments, inspire clients in different cultures and get to see exciting things.

Some of our projects:

  • We built a GPS-based cow tracker for dairy farmers with Angular and NestJS.
  • We developed a new website for a large German motorsport organization using Contentful and Gatsby. We also made a website for a Bavarian social welfare organization with Next.js and Strapi.
  • We made a program management app to see the status and financials of projects in a unified dashboard for a global insurance company using React and Capacitor.

What can you expect of working with us?

  • Work from where you want: Come to the office when you feel like it, work from home if you are more focused there.
  • Pick your equipment: You choose what you want to work with. Your laptop, your operating system, your IDEs. We also offer a "bring your own device" option where we contribute to your private laptop if you prefer working on it.
  • Regular team events: Join us for go-karting, laser tag, escape rooms, or whatever other idea you might have.

Let's talk

Are you up for a chat? Reach out to and let us know ­čśŐ.